Facebook App Allows Users To Declare Enemies: Santorum and Limbaugh High On List

Some people would prefer to list, and perhaps interact with, enemies than friends. A new Facebook app, entitled EnemyGraph,  allows them to do so.  If Facebook was around in Richard Nixon’s day, he could have listed all his enemies but would have had no need for listing friends.

The most common enemies are well deserving of this list:

The ten most popular enemies among EnemyGraph users currently include Senator Rick Santorum, Justin Bieber, Westboro Baptist Church, Internet Explorer, Fox News, Farmville, Racism, the Twilight Series, Nickelback, and Rush Limbaugh.

Apparently their attacks on sex and women moved Santorum and Limbaugh high up on the list.

At the moment the app is down, needing to move to new servers due to higher than expected demand.

Quote of the Day

“Fox News sent Dick Cheney flowers. MSNBC sent chili cheese fries.” –Jay Leno re Dick Cheney’s heart transplant.

Bonus Quote:

“This weekend 71-year-old former Vice President Dick Cheney received a heart transplant. The heart is working so well that Cheney has already gone to Whoville and returned all their Christmas presents.” –Conan O’Brien