Today’s Jenna-mania Update: Official Picture With TARDIS, Dancing on the Edge, and Sex Tape Scam

The BBC has released an official picture of Jenna-Louise Coleman standing in front of the TARDIS. See extensive coverage about the new companion to the Doctor here, here, and here.

Even before she appears on Doctor Who, beginning with this year’s Christmas Special, Jenna will be appearing in Dancing On The Edge, a five-part drama on BBC2. There are pictures from the show here, and below is the BBC’s press release describing the show:

Dancing On The Edge is an explosive new drama series for BBC Two set in the early 1930s following a black jazz band in London during times of extraordinary change.

Written and directed by award-winning filmmaker Stephen Poliakoff (The Lost Prince, Shooting The Past), the five-part series follows the Louis Lester Band as they find fame amongst the parties and performances of upper class society in the capital. Initially shocked by black musicians performing in polite society, many recoil, but London’s progressive socialites take the band under their wing.

When the band’s manager Wesley becomes too demanding to the hotel in which the band performs he is deported, forcing the rest to move on without him. The musicians play for the Prince of Wales who elevates their status to the heights of early pop fame. But they become entangled in the shadowy world of socialites, which results in the suspected murder of the band’s singer Jessie. The walls begin to close in on Louis and the other members until they realise that escape from England may be their only chance for safety.

Janice Hadlow, Controller, BBC Two, says: “Stephen Poliakoff is a great distinctive talent and I’m thrilled to have his first long-form drama on BBC Two. In Dancing On The Edge I think you will see a very different voice from Stephen and I am delighted to be able to add this remarkable piece to the new dramas on the channel in 2012.”

Ben Stephenson, Controller, BBC Drama Commissioning, says: “Following the huge success of The Shadow Line where every episode consolidated with over two million viewers, the channel will continue its commitment to original British drama in 2012. I am thrilled to welcome Stephen Poliakoff back to BBC Two with the first series ever he has both written and directed for television.”

Produced by Nicky Kentish Barnes (You Will Meet A Tall, Dark Stranger, About A Boy) and executive produced by Alison Owen (Case Histories, Toast), and Paul Trijbits (Toast, Five Minutes Of Heaven). Dancing on the Edge is a Ruby Film and Television production, commissioned by Ben Stephenson, BBC Controller of Drama Commissioning and Janice Hadlow, Controller BBC Two.

This is a five-part series with a 90-minute opening episode, expected to begin shooting in October 2011. The production is currently casting. Dancing On The Edge will join a raft of new drama series on BBC Two in 2012, including Paula Milne’s White Heat, Jed Mercurio’s Line Of Duty, Sir Tom Stoppard’s Parade’s End and Jane Campion’s Top Of The Lake, as well as a major new cycle of Shakespeare’s four most acclaimed historical works as part of a season based on the Bard’s life and works.

Naked Security found a scam in which links on Twitter which claimed to be to a sex-tape of Jenna turned out to be something different:

Human nature being what it is, you probably wouldn’t be that surprised if some sci-fi fans clicked on the links out of err.. curiousity.

However, the webpage you are taken to doesn’t have any content (pornographic or otherwise) related to the Time Lord’s latest sidekick. Instead, you’ll find what appears to be a portal for an Asian hardcore porn video website.

Clicking on the video thumbnails is definitely ill-advised. When I examined the page, I found that each of the videos were masking a secret Twitter follow button.

Unsuspecting site visitors are being tricked through a clickjacking exploit into unwittingly following a Twitter account.

Matt Smith has a message for those who would surf the internet looking for sex tapes of Jenna:

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