Quote of the Day

“Nation, unless you live in a cave, I’m sure you’ve heard that yesterday’s New Hampshire primary was won by Mitt Romney. And if you do live in a cave, I’m guessing you voted for Ron Paul.” –Stephen Colbert

John Edwards Reportedly Has Life-Threatening Heart Condition

Just in from CNN:

A federal judge disclosed that former presidential candidate John Edwards has a life-threatening heart condition, a court source tells CNN.

Edwards had sought a delay in his criminal corruption trial, scheduled to begin later this month.

Update: More information here.

Poll Finds 43 Percent Believe God Helps Tebow Win

There are certainly a lot of ignorant Americans. A recent poll found that 43 percent believe God helps Tim Tebow win football games.

I wonder how they explain the games in which Tebow doesn’t win. Did Tebow (or his fans) do something wrong to cause God to make him lose, or does God lack the power to control everything in a football game?

Even more importantly, if they believe that God is interested in football to the point of intervening, why doesn’t God intervene in more important areas which might reduce human suffering. Do they really believe that intervening to determine who wins a football game is more important to God than intervening to prevent the Holocaust?