Trump Registers As Independent, Continuing To Hint At Running

Donald Trump’s talk of running for president has often seemed to be more a publicity stunt than a real campaign. After most of the Republicans backed out of the debate he was scheduled to moderate, Trump decided against moderating, saying he had not ruled out running himself. There is increased speculation that Trump might run as an Independent now that he changed his registration from Republican to Independent. Trump has been both a Democrat and Republican at various times in the past.

Trump is also speaking with Americans Elect, who have been engaging in what has appeared to be a futile attempt to run a serious third party candidate. Trump’s fame and money could provide them with a way to make an impact in 2012.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump once again tells television viewers to turn into the final episode of Celebrity Apprentice to hear his answer. After he pulled this stunt last year it was later found that the show had been recorded earlier with no announcement. However, there is also the possibility that he decided against running for the Republican nomination as that would have prevented him from doing his show this season. By delaying until this year, Trump could wait until Apprentice finishes the season to enter the race. Assuming he loses, he could be back on the show next winter or spring.