Huntsman Flips Back On Climate Change

Yesterday Jon Huntsman flip-flopped on climate change, appearing to join the deniers. Today he tried to pull back on this:

“Let me be very clear on this: there is no change,” he told reporters after his speech to the Republican Jewish Coalition. “I put my faith and trust in science. So you have 99 of 100 climate scientists who have come out and talked about climate change in certain terms, what is responsible for it. I tend to say this is a discussion that should not be in the political lane but should be in the scientific lane.”

Huntsman also said:

When you have 99 out of 100 climate scientists, there’s enough there for us to say we have an established body of science. Now it would be a very good thing to coordinate that science with the other major emitters on the globe, recognizing that it is an international problem,” he said. “I don’t want to disadvantage this country during a time when we are weak economically and want to get back on our feet.”

I wonder how his views will change depending upon which group he is speaking to. Regardless of his statements on whether global warming is a real problem, Huntsman has been consistent in opposing any government action to respond to the problem.

Obama Administration Afraid To Fight Right Wing On Plan B

The Obama administration appears to be afraid to risk right wing wrath by allowing Plan B to become more easily available as recommended by the FDA. Although more choices for contraception would reduce teen pregnancies, leading to both reductions in abortions and the number of people winding up on welfare, Republicans have threatened a major backlash if the FDA’s recommendations were allowed.

Once again we see that the right wing’s agenda goes far beyond restricting abortion and that it is right wing attitudes, not ObamaCare, which results in the government interfering with medical decisions. We also see the limits to which Democrats will stand up to the Republicans. While perhaps avoiding this fight might be of some short-term political benefit, by being so quick to compromise the Democrats fail to provide a clear alternative to the authoritarian right, limiting their potential support.

Quote of the Day

“Congress will have a Secret Santa exchange involving both parties. The Democrats will give Republicans a gift. And that’s it.” –Seth Meyers