Another Success From ObamaCare

While most of the Affordable Care Act is not yet in place, “ObamaCare” is already helping many people. This includes providing coverage for people with pre-existing conditions such as the woman above through the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan and reducing the number of young Americans going without insurance.

Occupy Wall Street Signs

This guest post is from Ben Donahower who blogs about campaign lawn signs at Campaign Trail Yard Signs. Ben is an authority on political marketing with more than a decade of experience on campaigns.

While Occupy Wall Street’s message is serious, the homemade signs are often anything but. Over the course of these protests, there have been many witty signs, but these are the best of the best. Have a good laugh!

“Greedy Wall Street, Stop Stealing My Bone”

Including his or her pet gets this sign maker a few extra bonus points!

“You Know Things Are Messed Up When Librarians Start Marching”

I’m still trying to wrap my head around the many ways that you could interpret this one.

“I Was Told There Would Be Cake”

The most intellectual of these humorous signs. Thanks to a quick double check on Wikipedia, you can impress your friends next time this quote comes up, because it is misattributed to Marie Antoinette and actually originates from “Confessions” by Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

“Due to recent budget cuts, the light at the end of the tunnel has been turned off.”

This one makes you laugh and cry!

“PLEASE Do Not Step On The Chalk Art! I Got Arrested For It!”

The sign itself isn’t terribly funny, but the good-humored response to her arrest makes me smile.

“This Space Intentionally Left Blank”

I’m using this sign as the standard-bearer for all similar signs. Every protest has similar signs including “I’m so mad I made a sign, “My arms are tired from carrying this sign,” or “I’m already regretting making a sign.” They are always crowd favorites and show up on lists like this one!

“Obama Is Not A Brown-Skinned Anti-War Socialist Who Gives Away Free Healthcare… You’re Thinking Of Jesus”

I love how this sign challenges stereotypes. It’s both thought provoking and worth a chuckle.

“EVERYTHING Is OK. Please Continue Shopping”

Tongue and cheek critiques of culture and politics are some of the most effective. This is my favorite sign of this ilk.

“We’re not here for Occupy Sidney. We’re waiting for the iPhone 5”

Unfortunately, this iPhone 5 hopeful had to deal with crowds and never got her phone!

“if I can learn to SHARE, you can too.”

There is a lot going on here! It’s cute, it’s true, and it’s funny!

Occupy Wall Street is tackling a host of serious issues. These protest signs are a fun way to address serious issues.