Gingrich Becoming The Next Not-Romney Candidate

There might be a major shake-up underway in the Republican nomination race. Polls such as the McClatchy-Marist poll show Cain falling and Gingrich now turning it into a three-way race.  If Gingrich doesn’t self-destruct like Perry and Cain, it is possible that Gingrich could win the nomination.

There are enough conservatives who do not want Mitt Romney to win that, should they unite behind one, Romney could still be denied the nomination. At this point Romney is looking a lot like Hillary Clinton did four years ago.  If Gingrich could win in Iowa, come in a respectable second in New Hampshire, and then go on to win in South Carolina, he could go on to win the nomination. There might be a protracted fight between Gingrich and Romney, with other conservatives also picking up votes, with Romney unable to gain over fifty percent of the delegates. The questions will be whether Gingrich can maintain his momentum when he becomes the target of other candidates and whether enough conservatives start to back him.

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    PLepp says:

    Gingrich Becoming The Next Not-Romney Candidate #p2 #p21 #topprog

  2. 2
    david freeman says:

    Gingrich has gotten a free ride so far because no one considered him a threat. He’ll wilt under the spotlight. Extreme rightwing will not hesitate to pull out all the stops; they hate him. Here’s a link to a rightwing site that eviscerates Newt quite effectively:

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    Ron Chusid says:

    The question is whether most rightwingers think this way, or if they see him as preferable to Romney.

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