Quote of the Day

“If the earth was visited by aliens, this could be a huge problem for the Republican party. I mean, Michele Bachmann would want to deport them, Rick Perry would want to execute them, Mitt Romney would be undecided about what to do, and Herman Cain would try to take them up to his room.” –Jay Leno

David Letterman: Top Ten Signs Herman Cain Is Losing It

David Letterman: Top Ten Signs Herman Cain Is Losing It

10. Plans to raise funds by suing himself for sexual harassment
9. Now smokes more than his campaign manager
8. Was recently found hiding in a drainpipe with a golden gun
7. Keeps asking voters if they want to touch his moustache
6. Claims Justin Bieber is his father
5. Campaigning as his hilarious alter ego, Pee-Wee Herman Cain
4. Just paid a visit to Dr. Conrad Murray
3. Spent last of campaign funds betting on the Colts
2. Gave rambling, drunken speech — oh I’m sorry, that was Rick Perry
1. He’s engaged to Kim Kardashian

Is Barack Obama A Centrist?

On line polls have minimal meaning but I found this one at The Economist interesting. If an American conservative magazine were to have a poll as to Barack  Obama’s ideology, a majority of their readership would be deluded enough to claim he is a socialist. Of course to uninformed conservatives, socialism means a slight increase in the marginal tax rate on millionaires as opposed to its actual meaning of public ownership of the means of production.

Readers of The Economist are more in touch with reality than readers of American conservative publications. The Economist  asked if Barack Obama is a centrist. At present most of their readers believe he is a centrist by an  almost two to one margin:

Of course a centrist remains far more liberal than today’s ultra-right wing Republican Party so I don’t want to hear any of the Bush2 nonsense which comes from some on the far left.