A Comparison of Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party

What a contrast between the Occupy Wall Street protestors, as seen in their signs, and the Tea Party people who carried signs like “Keep Govt Out Of My Medicare.”

There is a rather major difference in intelligence and understanding of the issues between the two groups. Of course opposition to intellectuals, as well as to facts and logic, is a widely held position in the conservative movement, especially among the Tea Party crowd.

Another example of how right wingers are unable to defend their irrational and morally bankrupt ideas can be seen in how Eric Cantor was afraid to make his arguments before the public, as opposed to before a “selected audience.”

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) has abruptly canceled a speech planned for this afternoon at the University of Pennsylvania that was meant to lay out the GOP’s plans to address income inequality. While the university gave no reason for the cancellation, CNN is reporting that Cantor canceled after the university decided to make the speech open to the public. Cantor had signed up for a “selected audience.” The speech was seen as a response to the 99 Percent movement, and Occupy Philadelphia had organized a march from City Hall to the school. The march will still go on, as one of the the messages was that he refused to meet with his constituents to talk about jobs.

Matthew Yglesias has commented on the irrationality of Cantor’s argument.


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    Larry says:

    A Comparison of Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party #p2 #p21 #topprog http://t.co/FyIhv0gy

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    ARepublicanSaid says:

    Difference in understanding, even seen in leading republican/tea party politicians.


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    TJ says:

    I certainly hope the Occupy and 99 groups can maintain their composure and decorum because it contrasts so vividly with the hatred and vitriol that spewed from many of the TP rallies.

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    Wrenchbender412i says:

    Another difference pertaining to the signs is many of the signs displayed at Tea Party rallies were professionally printed and handed out by the hundreds to the demonstrators. Someone paid for that.

    Most if not all of the signs at the OWS demonstrations are home made, cardboard and marker pen. Some are better made than others, but no two are alike.

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    xicano2nd2 says:

    Its more than just being about low-information persons, its intelligence on the left- http://t.co/MIakaLED

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    Winter_Thur says:

    Liberal Values: There's a big difference between the Occupiers and the teabaggers http://t.co/Ki92fDOo p2 tlot

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    SonjaleneLittlefield says:

    A Comparison of Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party – http://t.co/ZKDzcpzI

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    DaninBoca says:

    Cantor is a chickens**t.
    He knows he’s wrong and can’t defend it, so he slinks away.
    What a POS.

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