Quote of the Day

“Here’s why Sarah Palin says she won’t be running for president. She says she can be more effective at getting others elected by not running. And I thought, well, that’s true, because in 2008 she got Obama elected.” –David Letterman

Romney Flip-Flops

Mitt Romney appears to be the Republican front runner but I think it means something (and not that Herman Cain is yet a credible candidate) when Cain is the latest in a string of conservative Republicans to challenge Romney in the polls. (It would also be cause for concern that Cain is beating Obama in a poll if we had any reason to believe that this unknown poll is valid).

As long as Romney is the front runner we are going to be hearing a lot of quiet questions about Mormons and more open attacks on flip-flopping. There were recent articles on  Romney’s flip-flops at  The Daily Beast and from AP. The comparisons to John Kerry were inevitable except that, while the flip-flopping charges against Kerry were generally based upon distortions of his views and one poorly worded clip taken out of context, Mitt Romney really does have a history of radically changing his views based upon what is politically most expedient. Personally I sort of like the Mitt Romney in this video from 1994:

The DNC is having some fun with Romney’s flip-flops by launching Which Mitt? The web site presents a multiple choice test of Mitt Romney’s positions on various issues. Hint: Go with “All of the above.”