Video Of President Obama’s Speech Presenting the American Jobs Act

Video above. Text and my comments on the speech were in the previous post. It must have been a good speech if Paul Krugman liked it, despite thinking Obama should have gone further.

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    Joshua Rivers says:

    Video Of President Obama's Speech Presenting the American Jobs …: Barack Obama: David Letterman… ~Mr. President

  2. 2
    Jim Z. says:

    No one disputes that President Obama can give a good speech.  The content – the proposed actions, nibble around the edges, hint at dismantling the safety net, waste a lot of money on tax cuts,  and maybe worst of all, give deference to GOP talking points about how the economy works and what fiscal measures are (& aren’t) effective.  In the end, Congress, both GOP and right-leaning Dems, will likely accept the worst parts of the proposal and defeat the few and tiny parts that might have a real impact.  I expected little from him, and wasn’t disappointed.

  3. 3
    Ron Chusid says:

    With your mind set I have no doubt that no matter what Obama says you will find ways to twist things so you are not disappointed. There’s no doubt that there is nothing he, or any other Democrat, could really do considering the real-world limitations, which would really please you. I’m sure you won’t be happy until Rick Perry is president and you can celebrate how great it is that a Democrat who isn’t ideologically pure enough for you got defeated.

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