Quote of the Day

Congressman Weiner reportedly called Bill Clinton to apologize for his behavior. After Bill suggested that Weiner also call Hillary, Weiner said, ‘Don’t worry, I sent her a text.'” –Conan O’Brien

God Giving Mixed Messages To Republican Candidates

We’ve often been told that Republicans are receiving their instructions directly from God, but now he is sending mixed messages. In the past, things were much clearer, such as when God wanted George Bush to be president and  told Bush to go to war in Iraq,. This plan for Iraq has also been confirmed by Sarah Palin. New York Magazine reports that (based upon comments from the candidates) God wants three different Republicans to run. God appears to be backing Rick Santorum, Michele Bachman, and even Herman Cain. Strangely, God does not want Mike Huckabee to run. Maybe it was because of the heresy when Huckabee argued that it is not really necessary to pray in school (unless a tough math test is coming up). God, who did want John McCain to choose Sarah Palin as his running mate in 2008, also remains undecided as to whether he wants Sarah Palin to run for president, or to make millions as a right wing media whore.