Our Kook Does Better Than Their Kook: Kucinich Beats Trump and Palin

Many true believers on the left would love to see Dennis Kucinich become president, while those on the right might want Sarah Palin. For a brief time there was even a fair amount of support for Donald Trump on the right. Nobody really thinks that Dennis Kucinich has a chance of ever  being elected president, but he could in a hypothetical contest against Donald Trump or Sarah Palin. Public Policy Polling actually tested this:

If you want to get an idea of how bad Donald Trump’s political standing was by the end of his abortive run for President consider this- a national poll we conducted last week found that he would trail Dennis Kucinich 40-36 in a hypothetical contest.

On that poll we found that there were more Republicans (15%) willing to vote for Kucinich than there were Democrats (14%) willing to vote for Trump. And Kucinich took independents by a 40-38 margin as well…

For all of that Trump is not the weakest Republican in the two hypothetical match ups we tested with Dennis Kucinich. Kucinich’s lead over Sarah Palin if they were to face off would be 43-36. In that scenario Kucinich gets 16% of Republicans to Palin’s 12% of Democrats and leads her by 10 points with independents at 42-32.

Based upon this, as well as other poll results, Trump made the right decision in not running. Palin should do the same.

Oh, and in case I offended anyone, in the case of Kucinich I’m using kook in somewhat of an affectionate manner, although acknowledging how he might be perceived by the middle. In the case of Trump and Palin, they are just kooks, with no further qualification needed.


Quote of the Day

“Have you seen these Republican presidential candidates? The only one that hasn’t had three wives is Mitt Romney — and he’s the Mormon!” –Jay Leno