Please Let This Be A Hoax, Donald

Donald Trump is promoting the most absurd right wing lines around: There can’t be global warming because it is cold outside. Obama not born in the US. Now he’s repeating the claim that Bill Ayers wrote Dreams Of Our Fathers. I’m just hoping it is a massive publicity stunt and in the final episode of Apprentice he tells all the wing nuts they should be fired for actually believing this crap. It’s not like his current statements are at all consistent with what he’s said in the past, as even many conservatives realize.

The whole Birther issue is basically thinly veiled racism stemming from the fear and distrust of many conservatives of people who do not look like them. It is certainly plausible that a person could be spreading the Birther nonsense about Obama without necessarily being a racist. I do doubt that this actually occurs in the real world. It didn’t take Donald Trump long to move from bringing up the Birther nonsense to outright appealing to the racism of the right wing as he blames “The Blacks” for getting Obama elected.

Health Threat At Playboy Mansion

It is amazing if Legionnaires’ disease found in a hot tub at the Playboy Mansion is the only health issue stemming from the Playboy Mansion.

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Quote of the Day

“‘Hustler’ publisher Larry Flynt has written a book about the sex lives of American Presidents. The highlights are the chapter on Jefferson, the chapter on Garfield and the first 125 chapters on Clinton.” –Conan O’Brien