New System For Terror Alerts To Use Facebook And Twitter

The government is dropping the color-coded terror alerts for a new system which will sometimes be announced over Facebook and Twitter. For most people that might mean getting notice of a terrorist attack somewhere in the middle of reading what a friend is eating for dinner, some pitches for money making schemes, and Steven Weber (@TheStevenWeber) tweeting something gross. Of course this entire system will primarily be used for terrorist attacks against Farmville.

Donald Trump’s Coffee and TV Show

Donald Trump ordered Hawaiian Kona coffee earlier today but claims he was served Kenyan coffee instead. He went wild in the coffee shop when the barista couldn’t find the coffee’s papers to prove it was from Hawaii.

Next week on Celebrity Apprentice: Donald Trump dispatches the contestants to Hawaii. The team which comes up with the best evidence to show that Barack Obama is a Muslim terrorist born in Kenya wins. The losing team spends a week at Gitmo.

Bonus Quote of the Day

“It’s being reported that Katie Couric will be leaving CBS before the presidential campaigns. Who will be brave enough to ask Sarah Palin questions that should be incredibly easy to answer now?” –Jimmy Kimmel

Quote of the Day

“I think elections should be quick. If I have an election that lasts longer than four hours, I call the doctor.” –Craig Ferguson

Glenn Beck And Morale At Fox

Hendrick Hertzberg speculates as to possible reasons Glenn Beck is leaving his show on Fox:

A more interesting and by no means incompatible possibility is that Beck’s disgusting lies, apocalyptic fantasies, endless Hitler and Stalin comparisons, and persistent use of racist and anti-Semitic tropes (faithfully chronicled by the indispensable Media Matters) have become a bit much for Ailes and the rest of the front office. I’m not suggesting that their consciences were bothering them, obviously, but surely they understand that Beck has not been helpful to the Fox News “brand.” I realize that “Fair and Balanced” is not meant to be taken literally—it’s a taunt, not a creed—but doesn’t Beck stretch it nearly to the snapping point?

There may also be a management problem, a problem of staff morale. For a news professional, even one of conservative inclinations, Fox is a problematic place to work. In addition to suffering the humiliation of having to slant one’s reporting to serve the interests of an increasingly unhinged Republican Party, Fox employees cannot help but be aware of the contempt and/or pity, tacit and/or open, of their peers. I suspect that this problem is at least as severe at the peon level—bookers, interns, researchers, receptionists, coffee fetchers, mailroom guys, etc.—as it is for correspondents and producers. Just getting rid of Beck won’t remove the air quotes from around “Fox News,” of course. But for members of the company rank and file, Beck’s departure could mean a slight reduction in the percentage of people encountered in the course of a day’s work who, upon hearing “I’m with Fox News,” physically recoil.

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Huckabee’s Hard Drive

Mother Jones responded to Mike Huckabee’s denial that a hard drive with his records as governor have been destroyed. Maybe Rose Mary Woods erased the hard drive.

Question of the Day

If the Republicans cause the government to shut down, does that mean the terrorists win?