Despite Reports They Are Gone, Newt Gingrich’s Tweets Can Still Be Found

Vanity Fair has accused Newt Gingrich of purging his tweets from before July 22, 2010, stating they could not be found. This would lead readers to assume he wanted to hide comments which might be embarrassing to his anticipated presidential campaign. Before running with the story I did a quick search on Topsy for his old tweets. There are seventy-four web pages of his tweets captured by Topsy. Attempting to click through several of them led to messages that the page does not exist.

Gingrich’s office has not responded to questions from Vanity Fair. It is possible that Gingrich tried to get his old tweets purged, but I’ve found Twitter to be quite variable in showing old tweets when I’ve done similar searches in the past. Vanity Fair gave two examples of finding older tweets from two other politicians, but I wouldn’t be surprised if attempts to find a larger number didn’t wind up with more failures.

Regardless of whether Gingrich has tried to remove the old tweets, they are still available if anyone really thinks it is worth their time to go through them. Considering the number of controversial, and sometimes contradictory, statements which Gingrich has made during his career, I suspect that opposition researchers will find better use of their time by going through many of his statements which are longer than a tweet.

(Incidentally well over half of my old tweets are no longer available on Twitter, but in this case it is because of my account having been hacked at one point. The count started over at one when it was restored. A month or two ago it finally was going to cross one-thousand again, and then fell back to around 600. I subsequently found that lots of other users who had not had hacked accounts were also finding their tweet count to be way off.)


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    Mugwumpie says:

    RT @RonChusid: Despite Reports They Are Gone, Newt Gingrich's Tweets Can Still Be Found #p2 #p21 #topprog

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    TweetWhile YouSleep says:

    Despite Reports They Are Gone, Newt Gingrich's Tweets Can Still Be …

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    Doomed says:

    Nothing new here.  Barak Obama’s Church took down their web page and redesigned it and eliminated their black theology links when it became apparent that it was a problem.
    Black theology has been stricken all over the internet….where there used to be literally 1000’s of pages to view it, has been reduced to cut and pasted articles of someone linking a site that no longer exists.
    People in Iowa were arrested for trying to gain information on Barak Obama’s college papers.
    Articles linking the union to communists have been deleted….this goes on all the time.
    Wikipedia has edited the term FASCISM from its original thought to a full blown description of main stream conservatives……
    You tube is constantly having content pulled by the owners if said material is deemed too controversial.
    The AGW crowd pulled their web content and edited it after the email scandals.   Keith Briffa’s Urals data was reworked to include the deleted ring data and then put back on the internet.
    NOAA which used to provide raw data to the general public has now hidden its content so that it is very difficult to find….because the raw data is in conflict with the IPCC’s stated fact that heat retention and not thermometer readings are the real indicators of global warming……Hide the decline shows that this heat retention is declining..not increasing.
    Barak Obama’s own internet web site continually refined his positions during the campaign to be more acceptable.
    I for one criticized him for going into negotiations with the Palestinians as placing on the table before the negotiaitons were to begin that he was already telling them that any negotiations would only proceed if the Palestinians changed.  In effect throwing his poker hand on the table and then going all in.
    Every person who has ever tweeted or run a blog is most likely Fubar if they ever try to run for office.  Because the simplest comment could be construed as being bigoted or racial or inflamatory or just downright stupid.

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    Ron Chusid says:

    To some degree there is often updating and revision of web sites, however nothing really disappears from the internet. There are too many sites which archive material to hide old material. For example, it took about two minutes to find the old tweets which Newt Gingrich allegedly scrubbed even if they are no longer on Twitter.

    Many of the claims you made are actually false smears made about Obama by the right wing, capitalizing on the racism which remains common in the right wing. It is an easy matter to claim that something was once on the internet and is now gone. This will fool those who don’t understand how the internet works, but old versions of web sites are easy to find.

    I haven’t read it word for word, but at quick glance I don’t see any evidence of your claims regarding Wikipedia and Fascism. The claims re global warming are just falsifications being spread by the petroleum industry and picked up by all the gullible people in the conservative movement.

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    Doomed says:

    Wow.  I guess I should change professions.  Im almost ashamed now that I believed such rubbish about the NOAA hiding the fact that the raw data shows that the combined upper atmospheres has only warmed by a dramatic .1 of one degree since 1979.
    I should have known that the raw data they put out was lies all designed to make us scientific types confused.  I should have realized when the IPCC rightly suggested that Heat retention and not Temperature readings was the benchmark by witch to gauge warming was a ruse to confuse us scientists.
    Yep…yep….I see your on top of it….fully in charge.  I understand now why Keith Brifa left the Urals data out of his work because it showed warming and not cooling….
    It all makes such perfect sense now why East Anglia college was so upset that their was a decline in temperatures and not a rise……
    Lol.  Whats actually funny is that I am hired by people in the GREEN industry who want analysis of their activities for environmental purposes and even I understand that Global warming is a crock put into place by the green people so they can get their 100’s of billions.
    Ever get tired of being a pawn by the left power brokers?  You might try the right for awhile.  They have their own set of power brokers and with the exception of 500-1000 people on this planet…the rest of us are just patsies in a scheme to avarice.
    George Soros heavily invested in Brazil Oil……suddenly gets his buddy BHO to come to Brazil and offer loans to get the rigs humming.  BHO….cancels leases in the gulf……..and the drilling platfroms are suddenly bought up by Brazil and West Africa.
    Said rigs were almost all sent to Brazil and Africa…amazing how George Soroa has money invested in both places……huh….oh and invested in OIL…yet Soros is a proponent of Global Warming……OH GAWD…give me a break…when are you guys going to realize WE ALL are patsies in the schemes of billionaires, Corporations and UNIONS.

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    Ron Chusid says:

    Nobody is hiding anything about the upper atmosphere. The predictions were that the greenhouse effect would cause a cooling in portions of the upper atmosphere. Meanwhile the data has been quite clear that the planet has been warming.

    No, we are not all patsies, but you certainly are one in repeating all the right wing talking points.

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    Brent says:

    Wow, this guy is even loonier than he looked when denying the impact of the Bush tax cuts in the other post. I’m not surprised to see he is a climate change denialist, but his comments on Obama and Wikipedia are totally nuts. I don’t see why you even wasted time to respond to this nut, Doc.

  8. 8
    Ron Chusid says:

    I doubt I’ll waste any more time with someone who is as out of touch with reality as he is. The Facebook discussion threads on the posts remain a far better use of time. Considering that it is now almost 8:30 and I don’t think I’ll get out of the office for at least two more hours, even responding to this kind of nonsense provided a diversion, but there is a limit to the amount of gibberish of this kind which is worth looking at.

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    Brent says:

    Go home already. Fringe is on.

  10. 10
    Ron Chusid says:

    I’m trying. We’ll watch Fringe on the DVR. Just finished seeing the last patient (after moving two rechecks to next week to make room for the more urgent ones). Now I still have to finish up some paperwork and do payroll. Then I can watch Fringe and, even more important, get some dinner.

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