Murdoch Report Claims Clinton Upset At Obama For Not Rushing To War

This article from The Daily, OH, HILL NO Obama’s indecision on Libya has pushed Clinton over the edge is receiving a lot of attention in the blogosphere both from right wingers and some Clintonistas/PUMAs. All this attention being paid to a Murdoch publication reminds me of the old game: PUMA vs Wingnut. The point is that it was difficult to tell the difference between the statements from each group. Of course the Murdoch connection to this article does leave open the possibility that the article is pure fiction.

Personally I see Obama not rushing to get us into a third war as a virtue, not a sign of indecision. The attacks from the Clintonistas for not going to war more quickly shows exactly why I supported Obama over Clinton. (Remember Iraq, anyone?)

It also looks like military action has become inevitable with the  UN approving air strikes. I would rather see international action, which now appears inevitable, as opposed to a quicker, unilateral decision by Obama to get the US involved as the many on the right might have preferred.

Update: In this case there is one way to distinguish between the wingnuts and PUMA. The PUMA are the ones who also are getting up set over a joke made by Obama at the Gridiron Club Dinner. Apparently jokes involving Hillary Clinton are not allowed.

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