Michele Bachmann Making Wrong Offer

Michele Bachmann has offered to make her first act should she run for president to be to offer her birth certificate:

“I’ll tell you one thing, if I was ever to run for President of the United States, I think the first thing I would do in the first debate is offer my birth certificate, so we can get that off the table.”

Thanks for the offer, but really that is not what most of us would like to see. Nobody with a functioning brain questions whether either Bachmann or Obama is a native born American citizen. It would be far more meaningful if Bachmnan offered to release the results of an I.Q. test. Statements such as the one above only lead rational people to question her intelligence and whether she should be taken serious as a presidential candidate.


  1. 1
    Carol says:

    I think she should show us her high school graduation diploma.

  2. 2
    kritik1 says:

    I think she should prove that she is not a racist.
    She (michelle bachman) want to dig into established facts about the birth certificate of Mr. Obama.
    She is not going to get any further with that agenda.  The case is closed because Hawaii announced that they have documents on file and proof of his birth certificate.

  3. 3
    kritik1 says:

    I think that if michelle bachmann wants transparency then she should put all her documents for public scruitiny including her assets, her properties, her bank accounts, her tax returns.
    Hows that for transparency?

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