Quote of the Day: Sarah Palin’s Real and Fake Facebook Pages

“New Rule: When you make stupid into an art form, it’s not stupid anymore. We just found out that the “Sarah Palin” who writes Sarah Palin’s Facebook page is a fake, but the real Sarah Palin has her own Facebook page, under a fake name. And sometimes the real/fake Sarah Palin praises the work of the fake/real Sarah Palin. It’s like Inception for hillbillies. There’s also a rumor that she doesn’t really need glasses, she just wears them to look smart. And when she has them on, Todd doesn’t know she’s Superman” –Bill Maher

The “Lou Sarah” Facebook page, which primarily consisted of “likes” for comments on the official Sarah Palin page and Bristol Palin’s page, was taken down soon after information on it was posted on line. I did get a chance to see the page when it was still up. There was limited activity on the page and I didn’t see it as an attempt to give large numbers of likes to her posts. I suspect it was a rarely used page, but when she did use it Sarah Palin did go to her official page and Bristol’s page and note items she liked.

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