Supreme Court Throws Out Another Birther Case

The Supreme Court has again rejected a Birther suit claiming that Barack Obama is not a natural born American citizen.While most Americans realize this is nonsense, a CNN poll shows that 41 percent of Republicans are delusional enough to believe the Birther claims.

There is absolutely nothing to the Birther claims with documentation already establishing that Obama was born in Hawaii. Despite this, a number of right wing blogs have been discussing this case as if there is merit to it. Reading their hopes that the Supreme Court would rule in their favor made me wonder what would happen if they did. The Supreme Court has already intervened inappropriately in one presidential election in 2000 so it is hypothetically possible that they might rule in favor of right wing claims here. Although it would be even more ludicrous for them to question Obama’s legitimacy than it was to intervene in 2000 on Bush’s  behalf, what if the Supreme Court did rule that Obama was not eligible to be president? Would such a ruling mean an immediate end to his term in office? Would his past executive orders no longer be valid? Would laws passed by Congress remain valid with his signature or would a new president have to resign them?

Obviously these issues would only come about if the Supreme Court would ignore reality and take up the Birther suit for political reasons. While these questions do not really relate to Obama, there might material for a good novel based upon a fictional president who really did not meet the Constitutional criteria to be president.

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    Mugwumpie says:

    RT @RonChusid: Supreme Court Throws Out Another Birther Case #p2 #p21 #topprog

  2. 2
    richard harris says:

    The reason Obama refuses to produce his birth certificate is because it either says “Father unknown” or “born out of wedlock”.  Too much embarrassing information to make public. 

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    Ron Chusid says:

    Obama’s birth certificate was already released when the issue was raised during the campaign, as the linked article points out. The birth certificate does list his father.

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