The Embarrassment of Presidential Sons

The remainder of the season has been canceled and it is up in the air as to whether Two And A Half Men will return. Charlie Sheen is saying he will not return to the show even if production is resumed. ‘

Former President Jed Bartlet is now as embarrassed by his idiot son as former President George H. W. Bush is.

Quote of the Day

“New rule: Stop calling it Obamacare. It’s not like Obama will be the doctor for your next prostate exam. That’s just a common fantasy of Republican men.” –Bill Maher

Another Area Where Ronald Reagan Differed From Today’s Conservatives

On the anniversary of Ronald Reagan’s 100th birthday I pointed out areas where Reagan differs from current conservative orthodoxy. Think Progress points out another: support for union membership. Reagan referred to “one of the most elemental human rights — the right to belong to a free trade union” in his criticism of the Polish government.

Reagan’s protests against the shutting down of Solidarity by the Polish government, while a satellite of the Soviet Union,  are being applied by many liberal bloggers to the actions of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.  As with any analogy, are certain areas where the situations are similar and others where very different.

While some conservatives cite Reagan in their opposition to unions (and not entirely without justification), it should also be recalled that Ronald Reagan had served a president of a union affiliated with the AFL-CIO, the Screen Actors Guild.