Capitalism, Socialism, and The State of the Union Address

Bush speech writer David Frum has presented his version of what tonight’s State of the Union Address should be. Here’s one section which Obama might really consider using–or at least conservatives should consider before repeating any more claims that Obama is a socialist:

We can see the future of a better economy already emerging.

Over the past twelve months, we have created more than one million net new jobs in the private sector — while government employment has shrunk by more than 250,000.

Corporate profitability has reached record highs, meaning that companies can afford to hire as demand revives.

Including dividends, the stock market has gained more than 10 percent this year.

If this is “socialism,” what would capitalism look like?

As for the actual speech, Jake Tapper reports Obama will propose a freeze on non-security related discretionary spending and a ban on earmarks. Considering that Republicans have both been speaking out against earmarks while also using them I wonder whether Republicans will go along with Obama on this or suddenly find reasons to defend earmarks.

Conservative Delusions

If it wasn’t getting so late I’d write more but at least I had to give a link to this bizarro world view of differences between conservatives and liberals. I guess when the facts have shown you are wrong on the issues the next best thing is to claim a bunch of fictitious virtues.

Sorry guys, there’s nothing patriotic about conservatives who vehemently oppose the principles this country was founded upon. They are confusing their jingoism for patriotism. Conservatives who oppose much of the Constitution and promote an imaginary version which exists only in their own heads, most certainly are not the ones who care the most about defending the principles of the Constitution. There’s plenty of other howlers in the article, but these are two of the most blatant.