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Republicans took control of the House for the first time in four years. They say they’re going to stick to a strict interpretation of the Constitution. I hope you didn’t like voting, women and non-whites.” –Jimmy Kimmel

Top Ten Things Overheard During The Republicans’ First Day In Charge Of The House

David Letterman’s “Top Ten Things Overheard During The Republicans’ First Day In Charge Of The House”

10. “Mr. Boehner, please stop crying”
9. “How do we blame this dead bird thing on Obama?”
8. “I think he was just sworn in on a copy of Snooki’s new book”
7. “Beer me!”
6. “Alright, you’ve had six hours, is the economy fixed?”
5. “Speaker Boehner, please stop blowing your nose”
4. “When is vacation?”
3. “No, Sen. McCain, Woodrow Wilson doesn’t work here anymore”
2. “When do we get to sleep with the pages?”
1. “How soon can we go back to invading countries for oil?”

Republicans Who Oppose Constipation Read Document They Do Not Understand In Congress

One of the many contradictions of the conservative movement is that they oppose the system of government established by our Constitution while frequently citing the Constitution as justification for their reactionary views. They have no concept of how the Constitution was written after the failure of the Articles of Confederation, which established a government more along the lines advocated by today’s conservatives. They actively oppose many important aspects of the Constitution, such as separation of church and state, while desiring to eliminate several amendments.

These Republicans who oppose the actual content of the Constitution had the document they are quite ignorant about read upon taking control of the House of Representatives. It is doubtful that their ignorance of the Constitution will be changed by this reading.

Rather than reading the Constitution which they oppose, Republicans might have been better off reading the Conservative Constitution written by David Cole, who teaches constitutional law at Georgetown University and is the legal affairs correspondent for the Nation. This version shows what Republicans really stand for.

Yet another irony of this Constitutional reading is that the Republicans have already violated the Constitution by allowing two members to vote before being sworn in. There’s little doubt, based upon their history, that the authoritarian right will propose far more serious violations of the Constitution.