Fox Shows How Climate Predictions Are Becoming Much More Accurate

One way to evaluate the validity of a science is with its predictive value, and Fox has unintentionally demonstrated the strong predictive value of climate science with regards to global warming. Fox tried one of their usual illogical attacks on science by coming up with a list of Eight Botched Environmental Forecasts.

The most recent item is not really a serious scientific forecast but a prediction made by a scientist in a newspaper interview. It is already of dubious meaning when they have to resort to using such an interview as opposed to the more meaningful predictions published in scientific literature which the science should be judged by. Even worse (from the perspective of the anti-science right) is the fact that the most recent “botched forecast” is from 2000.

The most recent forecast was from 2000, well before climate science reached its current state, and well before the consensus statements on climate change were released. Little Green Footballs has listed the years of all eight forecasts:


Not a bad record–on the mark for ten years and only four “botched forecasts” following 1970. What Fox wants to avoid admitting is that, not only have the predictions of climate scientists become increasingly accurate, in some cases we are seeing that global warming is progressing even more rapidly than many of the scientists predicted. Of course Fox would never report that as a “botched environmental forecast.”

Quote of the Day: A Credible Conservative Movement

“I don’t call him a socialist because he’s not,” he said. “I don’t doubt that he was born in Hawaii because he was. I don’t call him a Muslim because he says he’s a Christian. And I didn’t say anything about death panels because there weren’t any in that health care bill.”
Bob Inglis, an outgoing Republican Congressman from South Carolina who says a “credible conservative” movement that doesn’t focus on “hatred” of President Obama is needed.

That would be a good start, but beyond that we need a conservative movement which recognizes individual liberty, that recognizes the difference between plutocracy and a true market economy, that understands that the current GOP idea of a strong defense weakens our country, and which doesn’t take a knee jerk stand against any government action which doesn’t involve invading other countries, torture, or imposing the views of the religious right upon others.