White Male Conservative Christians Are Such An Oppressed Group

We have seen for quite a while how conservatives love to act like they are victims. Gary Bauer has written the most absurd variation on this I’ve seen in quite a while entitled, If Christians Were Treated Like Muslims. My first thought was that it was a plea from one conservative to other conservatives to end their Islamophobia. No, it is actually a claim that Christians in this country receive worse treatment than Muslims.

Among his many complaints, Bauer complains of how Christmas and Easter have become secular events stripped of their theological meaning. There is some truth to this, but it was Christians who have shown their preference for Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. The change in their holidays was not forced upon them by the Muslims or Jews. Besides, in the end these are all just stories to promote a lesson. The stories of Jesus may have some historical background (as may also be the case with Saint Nicholas) but any reality to these stories has been buried under layers of fiction. To me it doesn’t really matter which stories Christians prefer, but nobody is stopping people like Bauer from having a traditional religious celebration. Why are conservatives unhappy unless everyone else adopts their religious views?

It will hard to see this article beaten as an example of the absurdity of conservative thought. I imagine Bauer could top this by claiming that Southern slaves were treated better than the slave owners.

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