The Latest Right Wing Conspiracy Theory

Following the right wing means reading through lots of articles based upon made up “facts” and arguments which have barely moved beyond the level of opposing Galileo for believing the earth wasn’t at the center of the universe. The contradictions often appear ridiculous, such as claiming to support freedom and small government while promoting a government which exerts greater control over the lives of individuals. At least this becomes understandable, even if no less objectionable, once you realize that when Republicans argue for freedom, they are really arguing for the freedom to impose their beliefs upon others.

What really makes conservative writings entertaining is the frequency with which they resort to conspiracy theories. They can easily take any facts, regardless of whether they are true or are the false “facts” circulating in the conservative echo chamber, and imagine all sorts of wild things. As they already believe that any source of objective information is part of  a mythical “liberal media,” once they come up with an idea it becomes impossible to show them how absurd their beliefs are.

Birthers are becoming common on the right but the latest conspiracy theory stops worrying about Obama the Muslim and now fears Obama the Indian. Jillian Rayfield describes the latest right wing conspiracy theory, which says that Obama, with help from the United Nations, is going to give our land back to the Indians.

Yes, it is ridiculous. But is it any more ridiculous than a long list of things believed on the right?


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    conspiracy theo says:

    » The Latest Right Wing Conspiracy Theory Liberal Values

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    Ralph says:

    These days, the right-wing establishment would like to insist that the USA is at the center of the universe. Evidently they think everyone else revolves around our “exceptional” land. Haven’t they ever read “Ozymandias”? (Oops, no, I guess not. It’s foreign.)

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