Quote of the Day

‎”Sarah Palin, part-time Governor of Alaska, is angry because Michele Obama is encouraging kids to eat healthy. Sarah Palin believes the government shouldn’t tell us what to do. Sarah Palin believes she should tell us what to do.” –David Letterman

The GOP’s Latest Plan For Congress

The next couple of years could turn out to  be quite interesting in Washington. We’ve already heard of a number of possible ways the GOP might use control of the House, from refusing to fund measures Republicans oppose, such as health care reform, bogging down the Executive Branch with investigations, shutting down the government as during the Clinton/Gingrich years, to impeachment. Brian Buetler describes yet another way:

House Republicans will have carte blanche next year, and will be able to pass as many of these “resolutions of disapproval” as they want. The key is that a small minority in the Senate can force votes on them as well, and they require only simple-majority support to pass. If they can find four conservative Democrats to vote with them on these resolutions, they can force Obama to serially veto politically potent measures to block unpopular regulations, and create a chilling effect on the federal agencies charged with writing them.

Personally I hope the House devotes its energies to passing legislation which demonstrates what the right wing wants to accomplish, adding to the Democratic passed legislation from the past two years which is unable to get through the Senate. The difference would be that people would get a chance to see what would pass if Republicans controlled the government again.