More on The Lie of the Year

Earlier I had a post on PolitiFact naming claims that health care reform was a government takeover of health care as the top lie of 2010. Many conservative blogs are claiming this falsehood is true, citing the numerous new rules in the legislation. Actually the legislation does far more to regulate the insurance industry than to intrude into medical affairs. Of course complaining about increased regulation of the insurance industry, considering all its abuses, would not be as useful an argument as scaring people into thinking a government bureaucrat was going to be making decisions instead of  decisions being made between the patient and their doctor.

It is also notable that conservatives have little problem with the manner in which insurance company bureaucrats intervene in health care decisions. It is also the conservatives who actually advocate for having the government intrude upon health care decisions. This includes their views on abortion, birth control, embryonic stem cell research, and end of life care.

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