Glenn Beck Receiving Criticism For His Anti-Semitic Attacks

Glenn Beck often repeats conspiracy theories from the Birchers and other far right wing groups. That made it inevitable that he would wander into repeating anti-Semitic memes which have historically been common on the far right. In return, Beck is now receiving criticism for spreading anti-Semitism and fabricating false attacks on George Soros from a number of sources, including Michelle Goldberg at the Daily Beast and The Anti-Defamation League,  James Besser at The Jewish Week, and Media Matters for America.

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    Phlip says:

    RT @RonChusid: Glenn Beck Receiving Criticism For His Anti-Semitic Attacks #p2 #p21 #topprog

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    johnpiano says:

    RT @RonChusid: Glenn Beck Receiving Criticism For His Anti-Semitic Attacks

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    Addiction Analyst says:

    It was inevitable that Beck couldn’t continue to have disdain for anyone other than is on kin and not stop on other toes.  As long as it was Obama, then he had support.  It seems to be the most popular game at FOX, but he was determined to show is hatred ran deeper than the rest, or not as controlled.  I am sure that he will still have his faithful FOX memes (good word, by the way.. I hope I used it correctly.)

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    Clarissa Johnson says:

    When you point out that somebody said or did something false, it’s a good idea to cite specific examples to support your point. I don’t mind you raving about FOX, I just don’t find you terribly persuasive. Let’s practice some debate skills here. What specifically  was false about his attacks on Soros?

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    Ron Chusid says:

    Multiple examples are cited. Don’t you know how to use hyperlinks?

    Actually I suspect that those who believe all the false nonsense made up by Beck do not have any idea how to use hyperlinks, use the internet, read newspapers, books, or magazines. That would be the only explanation for anyone believing the absurd things he says, especially after he has admitted he is a show man putting on an act to make money and only an idiot would believe the things he says.

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