Steven Moffat on Sex in the Tardis and River Song’s Identity

Steven Moffat was interviewed by New York Magazine and discussed topics ranging from the Doctor’s sex life to the identity of River Song. The addition of Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) to the cast has raised question of sex in the Tardis (while ignoring Rose Tyler):

One of your big changes in Doctor Who was introducing some sexual tension, with his new companion, Amy Pond. What was your thinking behind that?
I just thought it would be, you know, Bad Girl in the Tardis. They’ve always been so well behaved, those girls! I just thought, I haven’t met any girls like that. Most of the girls I know would just jump the Doctor as soon as they look at him. I said, It’s time we have one of those.

And one thing that got the fans riled up in Series 5 was that Amy did, in fact, start making out with the Doctor, putting him in this position where he had to say no. That’s never happened before, has it?
On Doctor Who, no. But I think if a man and a woman go through a life-or-death experience and they’re both young and attractive, that’s really quite plausible. In fact, you’d really have to ask why it hasn’t happened before in Doctor Who. I just thought it would be funny. ‘Cause the Doctor is used to deflecting people who are madly in love with him, but he’s never had to deflect someone who has a much shorter and more passionate agenda.

Do you think the Doctor is capable of having a sexual relationship?
We know that he had a family once. And we could pretend that he doesn’t have an eye for the pretty girl, but you’d be struggling to justify that view, wouldn’t you, looking at his choice of travel companions. I think he has at some point in his life indulged. Whether he still does is a secret between him and that big blue box.

Moffat expressed a reluctance to kill off character because Doctor Who is “a lovely, life-affirming, optimistic show without a cynical bone in its body.”He discussed last season when an apparent continuity error was actually set up as an intentional scene occurring after the universe was rebooted in The Big Bang but is also concerned that fans are watching too closely for continuity errors which actually are unintentional errors.

Moffat also revealed that he is at work on an upcoming episode which reveals more about River Song:

Well, you will find out who she is and what’s going on and how it all makes sense. And that will explain a number of things. I’m writing the episode right now where the Doctor finds out who she is. We’re not just going to endlessly tease.

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