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A bunch of comments I posted since the last batch gathered together as opposed to giving them posts of their own:

So, have the Republicans fixed all our problems yet?

November 4, 2008: Yes We Did
November 2, 2010: America Fucked Up
November 6, 2012: The Day To Get It Right Again

This is like one of those nightmarish Batman episodes where the Joker is elected mayor of Gotham City. –Andy Borowitz

Youth turn out only around 20 percent. Come on guys, it is your future which is at stake.

I know its a bit too late, but just to make it clear to the seniors who voted in much higher numbers than younger voters, its not the Democrats who wanted to cut Medicare and Social Security–its the other guys

Michigan showed its appreciation to the Obama administration for saving the auto industry by turning red. Yet one more example of how the right wing noise machine cons people into voting against their self-interest.

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    Diane says:

    If only 20% of the youth turned out to vote, does that mean they don’t care about the deficit and all the yelling done by the republicans is just smoke screen?

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