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Attention all you deluded Teabaggers: If you really support the Constitution as intended by its writers, individual liberty, and a free market system in which people are fairly rewarded for their work, you should be voting Democratic, not Republican next week.

Caprica Canceled

As I suspected would occur in the last installment of SciFi Weekend, Caprica has been canceled. Remaining episodes are going to be held until the first quarter of 2011, by which time most people will have totally forgotten about the show. SyFy is looking at another Battlestar Galactia spinoff which will take place during the first Cylon War. Trekweb has more information on the proposed show.

Alessandra Torresani has her farewell on Twitter:

Word is out: Caprica has officially been cancelled! I love my lil cylons so much and will continue to kick ass for you guys! Thanks for the love and support! -Love Mama Cylon

No  comment yet from show runner Jane Espenson (who once tweeted as CapricaOne).

A couple of other genre shows are doing better. The BBC has announced a 4th season of Merlin and ABC recently picked up No Ordinary Family for an entire season.

Olivia Wilde’s Message To Vote From 2057

Olivia Wilde stars in this video with a warning from 2057 of the consequences of not voting. Imagine a future President Palin declaring Superwar against Norway, and it gets worse from there.