Media Matters Expands On My Earlier Argument On WMD

Earlier I had a post noting that the reports of WMD from old programs noted in the latest batch of Wikileaks documents does nothing to support Bush’s argument to rush to war. Media Matters makes this argument in far more detail.

Republicans Admit Their Top Priority: The Pursuit of Power

When Barack Obama first took office many conservatives such as Rush Limbaugh spoke about their hope that Barack Obama did not succeed. They have done everything possible to stifle progress and economic recovery in the hopes of achieving this goal. If they retake  control of the Senate will they now make fixing the economy their top priority? No. Mitch McConnell admits that their top priority remains the pursuit of power–in this case improving their party’s prospects of winning the White House in 2012:

MCCONNELL: We need to be honest with the public. This election is about them, not us. And we need to treat this election as the first step in retaking the government. We need to say to everyone on Election Day, “Those of you who helped make this a good day, you need to go out and help us finish the job.”

NATIONAL JOURNAL: What’s the job?

MCCONNELL: The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.

At least nobody can accuse the Republicans of flip-flopping on this.

No Threat of WMD Justifying War

Using the nonexistent threat of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq to go to war was among the worst of many blunders during the Bush years.Even after government reports admitted that the search was about as successful as O.J. Simpson’s search for the “real killer,” some conservatives continued to defend Bush on this. The conservative blogosphere has presented an alternative reality on many matters, including spreading a myth of meaningful discoveries WMD.

Conservatives are so desperate to find justification for this myth that they are suddenly drawn to Wikileaks. They ignore the fact that the issue was never whether there was any evidence that there had ever been WMD in Iraq. We know that Iraq had WMD. After all, as the old joke went, we have the receipts. The question at the onset of the war was over whether Saddam possessed such a terrible arsenal of WMD that he could wipe out the western world within minutes, as supporters of the war claimed, requiring an immediate attack by the United States. Nothing presented in the leaked documents shows justification for the rush to war.

Update: More at Media Matters.