Clinton Tries Football Analogy To Explain Politics

Despite having the better policy positions on most, if not all, issues, the Democrats have not performed as well as the Republicans in the spin war. Those who are paying attention realize that it makes no sense to vote the Republicans back into power in response to our current economic problems. Those who wish this are as delusional as the Russians who wish for the return of Stalinism. Bill Clinton has tried to get the message across by using a football analogy:

“When something is really important to us – like football – we care about the facts,” Mr. Clinton told an audience on Thursday he traveled through Southeastern Conference territory in Arkansas and Mississippi, campaigning for Congressional candidates. “If ever there was an example of not watching the game film, this is it. The game film shows the facts.”

Mr. Clinton is a devoted college football fan and his beloved Arkansas Razorbacks are ranked No. 12 in the country. He has started peppering his campaign speeches with football analogies, which he uses to remind voters that they should hold Republicans accountable for their role in the budget deficit and the country’s economic condition.

Place all the blame on Democrats? “You can only do that if you don’t watch the game film,” Mr. Clinton said.