Name Change Possible at MSNBC

Media Decoder reports that NBC is thinking of separating the MSNBC web site from NBC News. In the long run this might be a good idea. The liberal bias of the evening shows on MSNBC have been a source of irritation to the news division at NBC, fearing that it taints their objectivity. MSNBC would also like to be able to use the web site to promote their own shows as opposed to being a straight news site.

It think it makes sense to have an web site to promote MSNBC personalities such as Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann and a separate to take over the news. The one downside to this from a business perspective is that the network might not want to give away the already established web site to their smaller division. Perhaps a better solution would be to continue MSNBC as the network news web site and come up with an entirely new name for the MSNBC cable network. This would allow them to establish a new web site to accompany the cable channel.

Fox does have it much easier, not caring if they have an objective news site at all as they don’t have a legitimate news division. Fox’s ability to distort the news comes from the manner in which their fake news shows reinforce the same ideas promoted by their openly labeled opinion shows. If Rachel Maddow devotes time to a story, such as C Street, only a portion of the MSNBC audience which is watching her show will see it. However Fox will coordinate their shows so that many of the “news” as well as opinion shows are talking about the same topics day after day. That way even trivial stories such as Obama’s birthplace or the new Black Panther Party are discussed endlessly until they move from Fox to the legitimate news media. Fox, unlike NBC, certainly has no need for separate web sites to differentiate their opinion shows from their news division.

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    Ralph says:

    We will never be able to deal with the high level of corruption and corporate control unless we can find some way to counter the influence of Fox News. It harms our democracy too badly to ignore.
    More broadly, we have to decrease the influence of multinational corporations (including News Corp) on American politics.
    I don’t know if this is possible, but I think we have to try.

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    mbfromhb says:

    » Name Change Possible at MSNBC Liberal Values

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    Dennis M. Sweatt says:

    Name Change Possible at MSNBC – #p21 #p2 #news

  4. 4
    Zita Morrow says:

    Name Change Possible at MSNBC – #p21 #p2 #news

  5. 5
    Joy__Hart says:

    RT @sweattshop: Name Change Possible at MSNBC – #p21 #p2 #news

  6. 6
    tony says:

    Msnbc needs to do it their liberal bias is on par with FOX and is a distraction from their nightly News.  Watched the nightly years for over 20 years but wont know due to the liberal bias at MSNBC

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