Teabaggers Even Hates Puppies

Teabaggers even hate puppies according to this post from John Cole.

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Conservative Claims Health Care Reform Violates Ten Commandments

We’ve been hearing a lot from conservatives that health care reform is unconstitutional. While their arguments are weak, there is at least a meaningful question to take to the courts when government power is expanded with a mandate to purchase private insurance. With conservatives dominating the court system it is even possible they could win. Things become far more absurd with a conservative claiming that health care reform not only violates their religious beliefs but every single item in the Ten Commandments. Wendy Wright,  president of Concerned Women for America,went through all ten but I’ll just give some examples to show the absurdity of this view:

#8. You shall not steal.

Stealing is not only pointing a gun and demanding, “Give me your money.” It’s also taking money under false pretenses — frauds and scams like Bernie Madoff’s, where money willingly handed over is used for something other than what was promised>

You know where the bulk of the money taken for ObamaCare through taxes, fines, and raiding other accounts will go — not to actual health care or insurance, but to 159 new bureaucracies, and tens of thousands of new government employees.

I imagine that by this logic they consider virtually any government program to be stealing. We could also use this logic to complain about having our tax money stolen to pay for a war which was started under false pretenses. While they exaggerate how much money will go to new bureaucracies as opposed to actual health care, if anyone is concerned about this issue they should be supporting a single payer system. Medicare puts far more money into health care as opposed to bureaucratic overhead than private insurance companies do.

From here it just gets more absurd

#7. You shall not commit adultery.
ObamaCare channels millions of dollars to graphic sex education programs which instruct kids as young as kindergartners to be sexually active. Read what some of the comprehensive sex education programs teach. This sets children up to take marriage vows lightly since “it’s just sex.

This is based upon false claims about sex eduction programs coming from people who object to any education other than abstinence-based education. The claims also come from before Obama took office and have nothing to do with health care reform. The claims of instructing kindergartners to be sexually stem from conservative distortions of programs to teach children about appropriate boundaries with the goal of reducing child abuse.

#5. Honor your father and mother.
As parents age, it oftentimes falls on their children to make their health care decisions. It can be heart-wrenching. But it is our responsibility and duty as their children

Under ObamaCare, that privilege will be stripped from us and given to unaccountable bureaucrats. They will ultimately decide what health care our parents can get. Medical advances will be stymied, and what is available will be rationed. The elderly will be denied hip replacements and heart surgeries, medical wonders that provide full and productive lives. This will lead to unnecessary disabilities and untimely deaths. Parents will be at the mercy of bureaucrats tasked with calculating costs, rather than a family motivated by love and honor.

This distortion of the facts comes quite close from the bogus claims of “death panels.” If they object to health care reform so much, why can’t they respond to what is actually in the bill as opposed to making up stuff like this? Their objections and claims of increased interference by government in medical decisions certainly differs from the evaluation of the American Medical Association:

Preserving the power of patients and their physicians to make health care decisions–rather than insurance companies or government officials–is of paramount importance to all physicians and to the AMA. While H.R. 3962 includes a number of new government oversight bodies, the AMA has not identified any new authority that would overpower the relationship between patients and their physicians. Furthermore, expanded coverage and choice should help empower patient and physician decision making.

#4. Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy.
Why was Congress compelled to hold the final vote on ObamaCare on a Sunday? No looming deadline demanded immediate action by the House of Representatives. It’s as if they went out of their way to thumb their noses at God and prove their disrespect. The Senate vote was held on Christmas Eve.

No, they didn’t go out of their way. This is where the vote fell based upon regulations regarding number of days before a vote is held. Votes have occurred on Sundays in the past, even under Republicans, but conservatives only see it as a sin when a Sunday vote is held for a vote they object to. Besides, the founding fathers intentionally established a secular government–not a theocracy.

#2. You shall not make for yourself a carved image (false gods).

What do those who worship false gods do? They sacrifice to those gods, even despicable gods, in hopes that they will get something in return. Of course, these gods can’t deliver.

ObamaCare became a holy grail that surpassed a desire for health care reform, morphing into an obsession to pass a bill. Congressmen sacrificed their reputations and careers to pass a bill — a despised bill. It became a false god. And it isn’t delivering.

Beyond the absurd comparison to a false god, the truth is that Obama care has started to deliver benefits this year, including refunds to seniors hit by the donut hole and some initial restrictions on the ability of insurance company bureaucrats to deny care. The bulk of the benefits haven’t even kicked in yet, making it sort of ridiculous to claim it isn’t delivering.