Republicans Officially Sticking To Their Backwards Views On Social Issues

The conservative movement is an authoritarian movement which is out of step with the times and with American values. Republicans are trying to play down social issues this year, which politically makes sense during a bad economy(assuming you can ignore the fact that it it was Republican policies which led to the economic mess). Republicans and Tea Party leaders have often called upon voters to ignore social issues and vote for them to fix the economy–neither of which makes any sense.

The socially conservative views of the Tea Party movement have been quite clear as noted previously. The Republican Party is sticking to far right views on social issues in their soon to be unveiled agenda.

An election year agenda being unveiled by House Republicans Thursday will include language affirming the party’s support of “traditional marriage” and its opposition to abortion rights, House GOP sources tell POLITICO.

Many Republicans, including those in the Tea Party movement, oppose abortion even in case of rape or incest.

Update: Draft of the full text of the pledge has been released.

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    shondi99 says:

    RT @ronchusid: Republicans Officially Sticking To Their Backwards Views On Social Issues #p2 #p21 #topprog

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    Chad McCullough says:

    RT @RonChusid: Republicans Officially Sticking To Their Backwards Views On Social Issues #p2 #p21 #topprog

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    packeryman says:

    A large percentage of “baggers” are disgruntled Republicans. They were doomed from the start because they stayed under the umbrella of the party of NO, the GOP. From the start they were infiltrated by Republican operatives(Dick Armey an his ‘Freedom Works”). Now Steve Forbes does advertising for the “baggers”. Palin in Tennessee stated the “baggers would stimulate the base of the Republican party. The further they move right the more the  Independents run away from them. It appears the reactionary political ideology both on fiscal and social issues of the Republican party is worst with the “baggers”. Their De Facto leader Limbaugh has long called for flushing /purging the party of Moderates and Rhinos.What does that leave the party with? All the crazies. They all seem to be infatuated with the right wing AM shock jocks. These guys were DJs spinning records and most were alcoholics, druggies, an some were draft dodgers before over night becoming all knowing political gurus. They spew hate and discontent 24/7 over our supposed free airways. They are held in high esteem by the Republican party. A vote for a Republican or “bagger Republican is a vote to go backwards. Remember we went into recession in late 2007 and by Sept.2008 the banking system was crashing, We were bankrupt from the phony war and Occupation in the middle east. Our infra structure was crumbling and corporations had been  outsourcing millions of jobs, Corporate was raping and pillaging the middle class with deregulation. Yea we really need to go backwards.

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    Ron Chusid says:

    They might be disgruntled Republicans, but they are basically the far right of the GOP base. They are disgruntled with the Republicans to the degree that the party allows RINOs to hang around. They are just a repetition of the far right movements which have always been present on the fringe. As people find out more about them, their support has dropped. Unfortunately many voters don’t know very much about them and some appear more likely to vote Republican as they mistakingly see the tea party movement as an alternative to the traditional Democrats and Republicans.

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    packeryman says:

    Ron,  I like and agree with your analysis of the “baggers”. The definitely are the far right of the Republican party. As you speak, they have always been there(remember the take over an then support of Goldwater in 1964). Where I tend to disagree is that people are not aware they are the Republican far right nuts. I attended two so-called tea parties last year. One had about 300 people led by a right wing shock jock and the other less than 50 people showed up, led by the same local shock jock. All the people at both were known local right wing radicals and the second couldn’t muster 50 people. They were carrying hate Obama signs. I couldn’t see it was anything except a protest against the administration. As an Independent,  the further they move right I am forced to move away from them. The religious element being pushed into politics is very dangerous. Those who won’t condeem a killer of an abortion doctor is no different than the  Islamists who want denounce a radical member of their religion who is a bomber that kills. We only have two of the seven major religions of the world that claims their way is the only way(In other words we are the truth and the light, no other reigion is) Christanity and Islam. The Republican has beed hijacked by these Christian religious  radicals long ago. They are getting worse and America can’t let this happen. In TX they have removed the civil rights struggle, the union struggle, etc from text books. These guys are on the same level as the Florida pastor who wanted to burn the Koran. They are insane!

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    Ron Chusid says:

    I agree many do not think of themselves as the Republican far right nuts, even if that is what they are. There is obviously some variation within them, but polls show the typical tea party supporter is a heavy viewer of Fox and votes Republican. To the degree they don’t consider themselves Republican they are on its right wing fringe.

    There are similarities to the Rockefeller/Goldwater divide in the Republican Party but also important differences. The Republican establishment is far to the right of the Rockefeller supporters and the true liberal Republicans have been driven out. The tea party supporters are also quite different from Goldwater despite superficial similarities in rhetoric. Rockefeller hated the religious right, and even called himself a liberal in his later years to differentiate himself from the type of conservatives taking over the party.

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