Planned Islamic Community Center Turns Politicians Of Both Parties Into Babbling Idiots

The planned Islamic Community Center planned near ground zero has resulted in a lot of nonsense. Most of it has come from the right, who mischaracterized it as a Ground Zero Mosque, with the right wingers showing no respect for either freedom of religion or property rights. Some of the nonsense also came from the Democrats. I really don’t know what Nancy Pelosi is talking about here, as she speaks of looking into “who is funding the attacks against the construction of the center.”  Her clarification does not make much more sense. (Of course this is not the first time I’ve questioned if Nancy Pelosi was making sense).

What is obviously going on here (along with Harry Reid trying to sound like a conservative on this in the midst of a tough election campaign) is that the Democrats still have absolutely no idea how to counter the the hateful and ignorant rhetoric from the far right. Instead they look at the polls and find that a majority of Americans support the conservative position in this and fear saying anything meaningful.

If  Islamic terrorists who had flown planes into the World Trade Building had wanted to build a mosque near ground zero I would understand the opposition. Of course those who desire to build the Community Center had no more connection to 9/11 than Saddam Hussein did.

As long as the Democrats fail to provide leadership and manage to speak out intelligibly on such issues a majority of people will listen to the right wing position. Democrats need to counter Republican rhetoric and misinformation with intelligent and factual responses. They won’t win by chickening out and hoping that Rachel Maddow or liberal bloggers will manage to bring some sense to the debates.

Update: Not Howard Dean too.


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    Dick says:

    What part of their website makes it confusing that this will be a mosque?
    Simply because it also has a pool? It’s disingenuous to ignore that fact that a Mosque is explicitly stated by the builders.  But then again, I imagine that’s precisely what you are trying to do.

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    Ron Chusid says:

    If you actually took a moment to read and THINK about what the posts said you would see that I cite separation of church and state as the proposed community center includes a mosque. Instead you attribute a totally different meaning to this, adding to the lists of babbling idiots on this topic. There are already mosques, synagogues and churches in the area and there is no valid reason (other than a desire to play politics) to interfere with property rights here. To call this a “Ground Zero Mosque” is misleading and intentionally inflammatory.

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    Rebekah Chaney says:

    I might hear what you’re saying, but then, I’m a little tired of my OWN religious freedoms being squashed.  I think sometimes people forget that freedom of religion and tolerance INCLUDE Christianity.  It makes me a little sad sometimes when everyone else can say whatever they want about me, but I get attacked for saying Merry Christmas.  I understand that growing up is a disenchanting process, but I also think that being a teenager gives us a cleaner, sharper sense of fairness to view things through.  I know you enjoy keeping yourself well informed and not missing the facts, even if they’re ugly.  So, I have a few ugly facts.  Are you aware that close to Ground Zero, but farther away than the proposed community center, a church applied for permission to build and can’t get through the bureaucracy either?  And are you also aware that Islam has a history of building on top of notable sites of conquest?  That may not be the case here, but if you are seeking the facts the way I think you are (based on what I’ve read), those facts DO have to be honestly taken into consideration.  Just a grain of salt. 
         ~Best Wishes

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    Ron Chusid says:


    Yes, I am interested in fact checking. That’s why I discovered years ago that those conservative magazines I read were frequently distorting the truth and making up “facts.” That remains true today as Fox and right wing talk radio fabricate stories to invent the War on Christmas. The tremendous Christian majority in this country is not having any religious freedoms squashed (beyond the “freedom” many seek of imposing their religious views upon others).

    There is a tremendous difference between a church which is having trouble getting through the bureaucracy and the proposed Islamic community center which people are trying to block due to bigotry. The comment about building on top of sites of conquest is total nonsense. There was no conquest here and, despite what many conservatives claim, those desiring to build the community center had nothing to do with 9/11.

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