Rupert Murdoch Gave $1 Million To The Republican Governors Association–Are You Surprised?

Liberal blogs have spent the day acting shocked that News Corp, owner of Fox, contributed $1 to the Republican Governors Association. Don’t believe them. They are no more shocked to read this than Captain Renault was shocked to find that there was gambling going on at Rick’s in Casablanca.

Do I have draw this out on Glenn Beck’s blackboard? Fox, the Republican Party, and the Republican Governors Association are all parts of the same organization. Fox is one of the main propaganda organs for the Party. It’s just like how Pravda, the Communist Party, and the government of the USSR were all the same group. Pravda and Fox have the same function in promoting an authoritarian political party. It was like an interdepartmental shift of money.

So really, there’s nothing all that surprising about one arm of the conservative movement moving some money to another. It’s not even anything new. Rupert Murdoch gave $1 million to the California Republican Party in 1996.