House Passes Extension of Medicaid Match

The House passed legislation to extend higher federal government matches for Medicaid through mid-2011. The Senate passed the same bill last week and Obama is expected to sign this afternoon. The federal government has been paying an extra 6.2% to assist states hurt by the poor economy.

Levi Johnston Running For Mayor of Wasilla

Levi Johnston is running for mayor of the methamphetamine capital of Alaska to follow in the footsteps of his almost mother-in-law. This is for a planned reality television show, but Levi does say he will fulfill the duties of mayor if elected mayor of Wasilla. Variety reports:

Levi Johnston is setting his sights on the dysfunctional family business.

Johnston will run for mayor of Wasilla, Alaska — yes, the same job that propelled Sarah Palin to governor of that state (and later, the vice presidential nomination) — in a new reality project being pitched by Stone and Co.

“Loving Levi: The Road to the Mayor’s Office” will center on Johnston’s newfound fame as the baby daddy to Palin’s grandson, Tripp.

Johnston will trade on that notoriety to make his run for Wasilla City Hall — when he’s not pursuing a career in Hollywood, of course.

Stone and Co. are already shooting the show’s pilot and have started pitching the show to networks.