The Twelve Minute Lost Epilogue

The New Man In Charge, the twelve minute epilogue to Lost which is contained on the final season DVD and Blu-Ray sets, has leaked out. A clip from the epilogue can be seen here and here. Disney appears to be having the full versions taken down and as my source for the full video is no longer available I have to go by memory here. The epilogue answers some additional questions about Lost. Spoilers below:

The epilogue began with Ben entering a warehouse with two people from Dharma who were preparing a food drop based upon instructions coming over a teletype. Ben told them that he’s from the “home office” and there’s “a new man in charge.” It is clear that the two knew very little of what is going on, and have never seen anyone from the “home office” before. Ben informed them that services will no longer be required. He gave them severance money after they have been loading the drones for twenty years. Before before leaving Ben agreed to answer a question from each.

In the first answer, Ben explained that the instructions for the food drops are automated being sent from the Lampost Station in Los Angeles which tracks the position of the island. Ben explained that the island moves, which is why the coordinates for the drop are always different. He would not answer a follow up question from the same worker as to how the island can move.

The second Dharma worker asked why polar bear food was being dropped on a tropical island. In order to answer this Ben agreed to watch a DVD taken from an old Dharma training film with the two. From the film we learned that the Hurleybird was a Dharma genetics experiment. Dharma brought the polar bears to the island because of their reaction to the electromagnetic properties of the island. Tracking devices were applied, explaining the collar Charlotte found in Tunisia. The electromagnetic properties of the island also had an extremely harmful effect on early term gestation, explaining why pregnancies on the island were not successful.

Dharma used Room 23 to interrogate “the hostiles” who lived on the island and worshiped a diety named Jacob. After the interrogation they were subjected to mind wipes to remove the memory of the interrogation in order to preserve the temporary truce between Dharma and “the hostiles.” We know how that truce ended.

Ben then left saying he had another appointment. He went to see Walt, who was in the Santa Rosa Mental Hospital, going under the name of Keith Johnson–the son of Kevin Johnson, the name Michael used on the freighter.

Walt was playing Connect Four like Hurley did when in the mental hospital. Ben asked him to return to the island to help his father. Being dead did not mean Walt could not help him. Is this to help him move on, as Michael did not move on with the others in the series finale? They went out to a Dharma van parked outside with Hurley inside. Hurley said to Walt, “I’d like to talk to you about a job.” Presumably Walt took Hurley’s place, allowing Hurley to move on with the others.

Update: Found another copy on line here. This time I downloaded a copy.