Palin Endorsement Found To Be Toxic

Sarah Palin’s support has appeared to have helped some candidates in Republican primaries (although she has generally endorsed candidates who were already in the lead), but Greg Sargent has found that overall she is “toxic.” Reviewing  the internals of the new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, Sargent came to this conclusion:  “A majority see a Palin endorsement as a clear negative.”

The poll asked people how they’d respond if a Congressional candidate had various hypothetical attributes. Asked how they’d feel if a candidate were “endorsed by Sarah Palin,” the response was….

Enthusiastic about this attribute 8

Comfortable with this attribute 17

Have some reservations about this attribute 15

Very uncomfortable with this attribute 37

It turns out that there were only two attributes worse than an endorsement from  Sarah Palin:  “Supporting Bush’s economic policies; and supporting the elimination of various Federal agencies and/or Social Security.” Of course these things are not mutually exclusive.

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  1. 1
    Jolly Roger says:

    Sentient beings are going to be highly suspicious of anyone Caribou Barbie vouches for.
    Of course, as we all know, there are vast swaths of Dixie where sentient beings are in short supply.

  2. 3
    Dajoebabe says:

    Sarah Palin, like her media partner Glen Beck, is a cynical opportunist who thinks nothing of making millions by stoking anger, resentment and misery from those already made miserable by the policies her party has implemented for over a generation. How sad that a woman made famous (because she’s a woman) picked by a desperate Presidential candidate in an equally cynical attempt to get the “displaced Hillary vote’ can be deified by dolts and actually believes she really represents something other than evil and stupidity.

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