New Blog Features & Social Media Integration

I’ve been experimenting with a few new blog features which readers might be interested in. One is the addition of tags to posts. Categories have been used since the start and will link to posts of any age but there is a limited number of categories. I’m using a wider variety of tags but for now they are limited to recent and a handful of older posts. The feature will become of greater value as more posts are tagged but for now they provide another way to find hot topics such as BP Oil Spill. There is also a tag cloud on the right margin which lists tags in use with larger fonts for more commonly used tags.

I’ve also activated Gravatars, which are Globally Recognized Avatar pictures which can be used on any participating blog. This will allow you to have a picture attached to your comments here and at any other blogs which use Gravatars. You can set up a Gravatar at this site.

A new mobile theme has been set up for those accessing the blog on mobile web browsers which will make it easier to read posts and add comments. (At present there’s one minor issue with the format. The “share or print” icons following all the posts are listed at one per line. It is only a minor inconvenience if I can’t find a fix for this. At least on my Droid it only takes a second to flip the screen past all of them to get to the comments section.)

I’m also restoring some of the Twitter integration including the Topsy widget. For those wanting to retweet a post here, the Twitter icon in the long row of social icons will use the full file name in the tweet while the icon from Topsy below it will substitute a short file name.

Most of the discussion of posts has been on Facebook the last few months. I’ve partially fixed some of the recent problems with sharing blog posts. Unfortunately it has gone back to the older problem in which it picks up text from a recent comment rather than the linked text. One work around is to cut the desired text from the post, click on the text in Facebook, and replace it with the selected text. Alternatively you can share a link already on Facebook or Networked Blogs and avoid this problem.

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