Movement Of Blog Completed

If you are seeing this, you are seeing the new as opposed to the old copy of the blog. There’s still a few items to touch up in the new home. One issue I haven’t gotten to is fixing the bizarre characters which are in some of the items quoted from other sites. (Now almost fixed) I’m sure I’ll find more items to fix up as some of the configuration changes and fixes made over time on the old blog might not have transferred over.

For the next few days it is possible that the blog might misbehave and not always be visible. I’ve been so busy with the moving that I don’t have any real posts up today, but once posting resumes (hopefully tonight or at least by tomorrow) I will also put copies at the emergency site until things are stabilized. This is at:

Blog Movement in Progress

I am in the process of moving the blog to a new host. As of now the old posts have been imported here but the old theme and most of the plug-ins have not so the blog might look odd until it is fully restored.

Until things are stabilized if the blog is not available posting will be here:

Update: Most of the plug-ins and the theme are now restored. Hopefully by the time anyone actually sees this version of the blog things will be near normal.