Do Conservatives Even Realize That Canada Has A Totally Different Health Care System?

Do any of the conservative bloggers who are getting excited about this report on the Canadian health care system have any idea that the health care reform measures passed in this country are not at all like the Canadian system? Many are trying to stretch this to attack health care reform in the United States despite the major differences.  Most likely many of them believe their own propaganda about health car reform being a “government takeover” of health care and don’t even realize there is little similarity between the plans.

Elizabeth Edwards Doesn’t Want Rielle Hunter To Become Step-Mother To Her Children

While the separation of Al and Tipper Gore is receiving all the headlines today, the failed marriage of another Democrat who was recently on a national ticket provides for far juicer stories. The New York Daily News reports that Elizabeth Edwards is trying to deny John Edwards custody of their children should she not survive her breast cancer.  Reportedly she does not want John’s mistress Rielle Hunter near the kids and has been preparing their older daughter Cate to care for the younger children.

Legally it is doubtful that Elizabeth would be successful in preventing John from having custody should she die. There is one possible way it could happen. John is already under investigation for use of campaign funds to pay Hunter hush money. Elizabeth might know of additional skeletons in his closet which could send John to prison, leaving Cate to raise the children.

Update: Elizabeth Edwards sent an email to Norah O’Donnell of MSNBC News denying the story.