Jay Leno Sees Oil Spill As Consequence of Tea Party Views

Many right wingers have liked Jay Leno in the past primarily because he is not David Letterman. Leno might have reduced his standing on the right while Rand Paul has had a couple of days of really bad television coverage. It was bad enough when, after being only the third person in history to cancel an invitation to be on Meet the Press, David Gregory spent the first ten minutes of the show looking back at all of Paul’s gaffes. David Gregory then appeared on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno Again. Leno got a couple attacks in on the Tea Parties:

Meanwhile Jay Leno wanted to know how come the Tea Partiers are showing up now and not back when the Bush administration was stomping all over the nation’s civil rights? Gregory thinks it’s simply because they’re more organized. But Leno persisted: “BP is the perfect example. BP seems to have done this on their own, they don’t pay attention, they essentially make their own rules, they pay off everybody…that’s what the Tea Party wants. That’s unregulated and look what happened.”


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    Ralph says:

    David Gregory, Republican tool that he is, intentionally ignores the substance of Leno’s point about the deafening silence from anti-government libertarians during the Bush administration.
    Of course little David is not going to acknowledge that Leno is right! He just hates to mess up his “for sale to the highest bidder” attitude by sitting at the same table  with Democrats, who will never be able to offer him anything like all the cool favors and fun nights served up by Karl Rove.

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    Steve says:

    Where were the Tea Partier?  Previously known as the Silent Majority…  They were happy to  be Settin on the couch watchin reruns and letting Crap hit the fan for decades…   Remember, if it was not for this Silent Majority, Obama would not have won a thing.     Obama’s failure to lead an open and transparent Administration as promised and to be on a pre-planned agenda that apparently did does not allow for debate, amendments nor even the time to read, alarmed many.  Then to intrude on working families to share their so called wealth with generations of Government Plantation Slaves who refuse to leave Government care began to wake them up..   Over the decades, working men and women have had TRILLIONS of their tax dollars go to give minorities and the needy a shot at the American Dream…  Take a friggin REAL look at what that has accomplished..   Another Generation of people who feel entitled to someone elses hard earned money…  I have to take periodic drug test just to work for a living as most of us do…  Not those on Social Services, just hold your hand out and grab the cash…   Then the decades of lies and shenanigans regarding Amnesty for an Army of millions of illegal aliens who mean no more to the left than a huge voting resource if they can get Amnesty past..  Never mind the damage this army does in murders, deaths from car accidents, cost for social services, education, jobs and opportunities lost to Citizens,  police and incarceration cost and don’t forget the increased damage to our countries infrastructure and environment..  Ya, they finally woke up when Liberals didn’t address our problems but added to them with plans to grow government knowing to do so will actually do nothing to solve any of the problems…   Liberal attacks on religion, 2nd Amendment rights and using name calling like racist just to silence opposition didn’t help a whole lot….

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    Ron Chusid says:

    Steve inadvertently gives the real answer to where the tea party members were. They were living in their delusional world ignoring the real problems under the Republicans but came out of the wood work to repeat their Glenn Beck talking points when a Democrat took office. Of course the talking points which have them all riled up are devoid of logic and counter to fact.

    Their talking points are designed to get them riled up even if fictitious, using the common but false meme that Democrats aim to take away their guns and their Bibles. What they see as attacks on religion are really an effort to keep them from imposing their religious views upon everyone else. Liberals support freedom of religion–but oppose imposing one’s religious views upon others as the right wing does.

    The “silent majority” as Steve erroneously calls the tea parties had nothing to do with getting Obama elected. They are just the far right Republican base and few voted for Obama. He complains of the tea parties being called racist despite the large number of racist elements seen in their signs and statements. Steve’s own comment reeks of racism as he complains about money going to minorities and repeats claims about illegal aliens which are based upon racism and not the facts.

    Steve attacks Obama for problems which were actually Republican problems which the Democrats are cleaning up. The government is far more open and transparent now than under the Republicans. Other groups and parties have far more input into legislation than when the Republicans were in power. It was the Republicans who regularly rammed through legislation while Democratic reforms are providing more time for the legislation and amendments to be reviewed. Tea party members have been making such complaints about amendments not being available to be read at the same time as the legislation and amendments were posted on line and votes have been postponed to allow time for review. Of course if Glenn Beck claims the legislation is not available they take his word for it and don’t bother to look up the legislation themselves. (This is just like the right wingers who claim that Barack Obama’s birth certificate and John Kerry’s military records were not available when both have been posted on line.)

    Tea party supporters like Steve complain about big government oblivious to the fact that Republicans have been responsible for far more growth of government, as well as for running up the deficit. They complain about paying taxes oblivious to the fact that Obama cut taxes for most Americans and that taxes under Obama are far lower than under Ronald Reagan, who happened to raise taxes.

    Leno got it right. The tea party is made up of people who are ignorant of the issues and remained silent when the real problems were occurring. Now they are out protesting because the right wing noise machine knows which lies will get them upset. Having a black man in the White House certainly helps the efforts of the far right to get their people mad enough to protest.

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