Rand Paul Chickens Out of “Meet The Press” Interview

After demonstrating that he is not ready for prime time (or to serve in the United States Senate), Rand Paul has now chickened out of a planned appearance on Meet the Press.¬† Actually David Gregory should be a lot easier to handle than Rachel Maddow.I doubt Gregory has the intelligence to challenge Paul’s beliefs, and demonstrate how absurd they are, as Maddow did.

If he’s not going to appear on MSNBC or NBC, does he have the guts to do another¬† interview on NPR? I’d love to see him do an interview with Terry Gross as I think back to what she did to Bill O’Reilly (who walked out without finishing the interview).

I imagine he’ll do what Sarah Palin did when she couldn’t handle real interviews and spend a lot of time on Fox.

Why Rand Paul Is No Ron Paul In One Respect

Rand Paul is no Ron Paul in one respect. Rand Paul is being humiliated all over the internet for his recent comments on the Civil Rights Act. If this happened with Ron Paul in 2008 we would be seeing massive amounts of comments backing Paul from rapid supporters.

In yesterday’s post I also noted that Paul previously spoke before the theocratic and racist Constitution Party. I’m also noting today that other liberal blogs have picked up this story. I have no idea how Kentucky voters will respond to Paul’s extremism but I suspect we will be hearing a lot about this between now and November.