Tea Party vs. Democracy

I’ve discussed many of the off the wall beliefs of the tea party members many times in the past but today I found out about one position I wasn’t previously aware of. They want to repeal the 17th Amendment which brought about direct election of Senators. While technically repealing amendments would bring us closer to the original Constitution, this would also make the federal government far less democratic. Here is their rational for this:

The “Repeal The 17th” movement is a vocal part of the overall tea party structure. Supporters of the plan say that ending the public vote for Senators would give the states more power to protect their own interests in Washington (and of course, give all of us “more liberty” in the process.) As their process of “vetting” candidates, some tea party groups have required candidates to weigh in on the idea of repeal in questionnaires. And that’s where the trouble starts.

Historically the far right has supported states rights in order to support state sponsored racial discrimination and suppression of civil liberties without interference from the federal government.

The linked article notes that some mainstream Republicans are having trouble with this position. I would think that mainstream Republicans should also have trouble with many other positions of the tea party movement which seeks to move the country to the extreme right and far from the values of the Founding Fathers.

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    Ron Chusid says:

    Teabaggers want to end direct election of Senators to promote states rights. http://is.gd/caZ5u #p2

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