Eliot Spitzer Did Not Go Out With Elena Kagan

Having Eliot Spitzer say something in your defense, especially where it involves sex, might not turn out to be a good thing. Spitzer had exactly the right thing to say here about Elena Kagan:

“I did not go out with her, but other guys did,” he said in an email Tuesday night. “I don’t think it is my place to say more.”

This is from an article at Politico on Kagan’s friends saying she is not gay in response to rumors spread by conservatives that she is. I imagine that Spitzer did Kagan a favor by both verifying she dated men and by saying he did not go out with her.

While Politico does dwell more on this type of topic, they also did run a story on some of her policy positions. This leaves me underwhelmed by the choice. Basically the story portrays her as a moderate Clintonista. One reason I supported Obama over Clinton was the hope of not returning to such positions. Hopefully a position on the Supreme Court, as opposed to one in the highly politicized Clinton administration, will result in more liberal decisions.