Poll Shows Americans Still Don’t Understand Health Care Reform–But Like Individual Components

Kaiser’s Health Tracking Poll shows Americans remain confused about the health care legislation. Eight out of ten Americans know that the health care reform legislation has passed with 55 percent saying they are confused about the law. Of course this doesn’t keep them from having an opinion. As with most polls, those answering do not actually understand what is in the law. On the overall law, 46 percent view it favorably and  40 percent view it  unfavorably. When asked how they personally expect to be affected by the law, 31 percent of Americans say they expect personally to be better off because of the law,  32 percent say they will be worse off, and 30 percent say they don’t expect to be affected.

Those responding showed limited understanding of the law when asked about specific components, but some improvement has been seen. For example, last month 10 percent were aware of the Congressional Budget Office’s assessment that the bill would reduce the deficit, with this number now up to 25 percent. When asked about the provisions which take effect this year, a majority supports eleven out of eleven measures polled. In most cases Republicans joined Democrats in supporting these early measures.

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    Brett Robinson says:

    RT @ronchusid: Poll Shows Americans Still Don't Understand #HCR–But Like Individual Components When Asked http://is.gd/bEaN3 #p2

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    James Frye says:

    RT @ronchusid: Poll Shows Americans Still Don't Understand #HCR–But Like Individual Components When Asked http://is.gd/bEaN3 #p2

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    ally bonnot says:

    RT @Proudlib: RT @ronchusid: Poll Shows Americans Still Don't Understand #HCR–But Like Individual Components When Asked http://is.gd/bEaN3 #p2

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    Steve says:

    Kaiser poll shows Americans still don't understand #healthreform, but they DO like its individual components http://bit.ly/bey7Hc #hcr

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    debra martin says:

    I think the Health care reform law is a joke. Once again the middle class is left out. I respect the fact that children are able to get insurance if they have a pre-exsisting condition but what about the adults. 2014 is when this will go into affect. well if you have a pre-exsisting condition you may as well consider your self dead by the time help will be their for you. I cant beleive the president actually went to battle for this bare-exsistence of a change. Im  so disappointed. It’s still not affordable for self employed individuals. small businesses. the coveragwe still stinks. You may as well take your chances and have no coveragebased on the rates and requiremnets to be insured. 20-30% co-insurance. $5000-$7500 deductable. 2 office visists per year with a 20.00-$30.00 dollor pay. to make a long story short insurance sucks!!!!!!!!!!!! Its provided for the wealthy only or the poor. What about the middle class?

  6. 6
    Ron Chusid says:

    The middle class benefits tremendously and is certainly not left out. While it is disappointing that the full exchanges will not be in place before 2014 there are other provisions which help those with preexisting conditions beginning this year.

    Your comments regarding the problems with the individual market are exactly why health care reform was necessary, and why the changes do help the middle class to both obtain coverage and to be free of the danger of having coverage dropped because of getting sick.

  7. 7
    b-psycho says:

    Something is rather screwy about the cost of living if any “middle-class” still needs assistance…

  8. 8
    Ron Chusid says:

    It’s more a matter of something being very screwy with health care coverage that the middle class needs assistance with affording it.

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